Las Vegas Dog Behavior Training

Welcome to the official website of Canine Advanced Training Services of Las Vegas! Based out of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, we expanded our business in the Fall of 2015 to include the entire Las Vegas area. Our training methods are 100% force free. We do not believe in or utilize any compulsion or punishment whatsoever. Through the use of positive reinforcement, we properly motivate your dog to engage in a certain behavior because they want to please you and respect you. Each training session and treatment plan is specifically customized to obtain the best results for both you and your dog.

Our training methods are based on behavioral science and are proven to be long lasting and effective. The experts at Canine Advanced Training Services will help YOU train your dog to be a well behaved and loyal companion. If you are experiencing behavioral problems with your furry family member and are looking for a positively force free solution, you have found the right place!